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Internships at IAMP/ IAP

IAMP/ IAP welcome applications from young, qualified persons with a good knowledge of English for short (1-3 months) internships at its Secretariat in Trieste, Italy.
The internship programme offers graduate and post graduate students experience through practical work assignments and provide the Secretariat with assistance from qualified students specializing in various professional and technical fields.

Interns will normally work on a full-time basis for a period of one to four months.  This may be extended to a maximum of six months.
Internship candidates must
a) be enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate degree programme at the time of application;
b)  be pursuing studies related to the area of work envisaged;
c) must have a good track record, supported by certificates or official documents;
d) be proficient in at least one of UNESCO’s working languages (English or French – English is preferred at IAMP)
e) be  able to adapt to an international working environment;
f) have strong interpersonal and communications skills; be able to work well in a team; and
g) be computer literate.
Financial Aspects
There is no remuneration for interns, nor are the costs of travel or accommodation provided. Interns must provide a medical certificate of good health and must arrange for their own health insurance.  They do, however, have an option of requesting limited insurance against risk of injury, illness, disability or death incurred during the internship.  
Application Process
All candidates must apply through (StageWeb).  The initial screening is completed at UNESCO headquarters and candidates wishing to work at IAMP/ IAP should select the ‘UNESCO Venice’ option.
The whole process takes approximately one month: two weeks for clearance of the application and two weeks for completion of an agreement with the applicant.
In parallel, candidates should also contact the IAMP Secretariat at ( so that we can follow up internally.


Previous interns at IAMP/ IAP

Aerial view of the ICTP Campus (courtesy of the ICTP)