"Antimicrobial Resistance; A Call for Action" - the Signatories



IAMP member academies which have endorsed the statement 

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  1. National Academy of medicine (Buenos Aires) 
  2. Australian Academy of Science
  3. Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
  4. Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique
  5. Academia Boliviana de Medicina
  6. Academia Nacional de Medicina , Brazil
  7. Brazilian Academy of Sciences
  8. Cameroon Academy of Sciences
  9. Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
  10. Chinese Academy of Engineering 
  11. Academia Nacional de Medicina de Colombia
  12. Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences
  13. Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  14. Cuban Academy of Sciences
  15. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  16. Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt
  17. Council of Finnish Academies
  18. Académie Nationale de Médecine, France
  19. Union of  German Academies of Sciences and Humanities
  20. The German Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina
  21. Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS)
  22. Academy of Athens
  23. Academia de Ciencias Medicas, Fisicas y Naturales de Guatemala
  24. Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  25. Indonesian Academy of Sciences
  26. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
  27. Accademia nazionale di Medicina (AccMed)
  28. TWAS- The World Academy of Sciences  
  29. Islamic World Academy of Sciences
  30. Kenya National Academy of Sciences
  31. Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS)
  32. Academy of Sciences Malaysia
  33. Mongolian Academy of Medical Sciences
  34. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
  35. Nigerian Academy of Science 
  36. The Caribbean Academy of Sciences 
  37. Académie des Sciences et Techniques du Sénégal
  38. Academy of Science of South Africa
  39. National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka
  40. Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (RSAS)
  41. Swiss Academy  of Medical Sciences
  42. The Tanzania Academy of Sciences
  43. Turkish Academy of Sciences
  44. Uganda National Academy Sciences
  45. Academy of Medical Sciences, UK
  46. World Academy of Art and Science

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