Comments following publication of Joint Call for Action

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Comments following publication of Joint Call for Action

A majority of IAMP member academies have endorsed the Joint IAP/IAMP Statement on Antimicrobial Resistance launched on 18 November 2013. 

In parallel with the release of the Joint IAP-IAMP Statement, a Commentary is being published by The Lancet Global Health:

We invite you to download the paper and provide us with comments.

To post your comments on the FORUM below, log in as follows:

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In particular we would like to hear from you regarding the way that you would propose to disseminate the document to interested stakeholders.

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Prof. B.Burmaajav, MD, PhD,
Prof. B.Burmaajav, MD, PhD, DSc(Med), General Scientific Secretary, Mongolian Academy of Medical Sciences
We are agreeing to endorse the final version of statement and appreciating the initiative of IAMP Executive Committee and expertise working group to promote policy development to combat antimicrobial resistance with specific proposals for the coordinated action needed in support of surveillance, technical assistance, research and innovation.
However, over the past several years, Mongolia made distinguished records in some part of health sector development, up to now the existing system to combat AMR in Mongolia is still not systematic with low awareness on antimicrobial resistance and infection control.  The burden of antibiotic resistance in Mongolia is unknown; weak capacity of laboratory diagnosis and surveillance system, extensive antibiotic use without prescription, uncontrolled use of antimicrobials in animal husbandry put contribution to develop antimicrobial resistance in country. In the laboratories performing AMR testing, 2013 visit of the WHO consultant revealed a number of deficiencies in routine antimicrobial susceptibility test practices. These include lack of essential reagents, poor quality of reagents; insufficient knowledge about recommended practices, insufficient training for staff performing AMR testing. 
These challenges call for national commitment to strengthen laboratory-based surveillance of AMR in Mongolia using a phased approach and we hope our joint statement “Antimicrobial Resistance: A call for action” will put contribute to promote policy development not only in our country but also in every countries of IAMP member academies.
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