Media response to Statement on Antimicrobial Resistance

The combined efforts of IAP and IAMP that culminated in the Joint Statement on ‘Antimicrobial Resistance: A Call for Action’ have paid off, with the call for action being put in the spotlight by the scientific community worldwide.

Initial analysis on the dissemination of the statement clearly highlights the importance of this scientific effort: several of the signatory academies have opted for a webpage on their websites that links back to the statement itself and the secretariat’s press release. [ ]. Not only academies, but some research institutes such as the Institute of High Energy Physics situated in China that work in close collaboration with signatory academies have broadened the audience by promoting the statement online.[].

More in depth research nevertheless shows how the statement has successfully reached beyond the world of science academies and has been accepted by other scientific and political institutions worldwide. The World Health Summit published the statement among other key 2013 publications on their website. In addition, International Heath Policy News cites the IAP/IAMP statement and the document has been adopted by the Marian Koshland Science Museum (  in Washington DC (USA) to reiterate the importance of this field of research and to publicize their newly established interactive online exhibit on infectious diseases. Moreover, some of the major scientific search engines such as ResearchSEA and Medworm provide links to the statement expanding exponentially the divulgation of said effort. [

Of course , the statement was also cited by Robin Fears and Volker ter Meuler in a complementary article published in The Lancet – one of the most prominent medical journals. [ ]

Activity has been registered on social networks, as well, where associations such as the American Public Health Association and the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, an NGO that promotes the prudent use of antibiotics have linked the text of the statement to their Twitter page.(

Kevin Fenton, director of the Public Health England Agency, has disseminated the statement too giving it valuable exposure on various social media.(

Meanwhile, over a dozen comments from member academies have been received by IAP and IAMP on their website pages dedicated to the joint statement. These discussion boards remain open for addition comments.

In conclusion, the statement has received important feedback and publicity and the joint efforts of the IAP and IAMP have been successful in presenting an important call for action in the field of antimicrobial resistance. Of course, given that the statement was released just a month ago, it still remains to be seen if its recommendations will be taken up by either national or global level decision bodies. IAP and IAMP will continue to monitor this situation.


Max Vascotto, Intern, IAP/IAMP SecretariaT
17 December 2013