Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA)


Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
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The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) can be traced back to the Academia Operosorum, founded in 1693. In its present form it was established as a national institution in 1938.
SASA encourages and promotes sciences and arts and, through its activities, contributes to the development of science, scientific thought and creativity in arts. Presently SASA has  72 full members, 28 associate members and 82 corresponding members. New members are elected by the Assembly of SASA every second year by secret ballot.
Major areas of interest are basic issues of sciences and arts; participating in the establishment of policies of research activities and creativity in the arts; giving appraisals, proposals and opinions on the position, development and promotion of sciences and arts; organizing research work, also in cooperation with universities and other research institutions, particularly in the fields which are important for the understanding of the natural and cultural heritage of the Slovenian nation, for the development of its language and culture, and developing international cooperation in the fields of science and art.
The Academy publishes learned journals  Acta Carsologica, Monumenta Artis Musicae Sloveniae and Dissertationes (Historia Naturalis), it has agreements on scientific cooperation with 33 academies, holds discussion meetings and public lectures but does not participate directly in scientific and other  projects. 


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