Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS)


Sudanese National Academy of Sciences Khartoum

Established as a registered NGO in August 2005. The Academy is an independent non-profit making and Non-governmental Organization (NGO) consisting of outstanding Sudanese scientists in the country and abroad.  Some eminent foreign scientists are invited members. SNAS is ranking as the highest academic institution in the country.

SNAS has contacts with other academies in Africa and internationally and can reach out to link with funding agencies and manage to overpass some of the restrictions through personal contacts.

 SNAS publishes a newsletter, about 9 issues till now, to highlight its activities. SNAS members are invited to write articles in simple scientific language to educate the public and raise awareness.  SNAS assists the young scientists group, SAYS, to issue an electronic newsletter.

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Prof. Ahmad El Safi