World Academy of Art & Science


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The idea of founding an international association for exploring major concerns of humanity in a nongovernmental context grew out of discussions among leading scientists and intellectuals following World War II, including Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Robert Oppenheimer, Joseph Needham, Richard Montgomery Field, John A. Fleming, and several other Nobel Laureates and heads of international organizations. Founded in 1960 by about 100 individuals primarily drawn from Europe and North America, the Academy has grown into a global network of over 650 members drawn from the sciences, humanities, arts, public service and professions from more than 80 countries. Among its original objectives was to become an informal ‘world university’.  Originally registered as a membership association in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2010 WAAS shifted its headquarters to Napa, California where is it incorporated as a 501c3 corporation. WAAS is in the process of establish a series of regional centers which now includes offices in Croatia, India, Italy, Montenegro and Romania.

The World Academy of Art and Science is an association of committed individuals drawn from diverse cultures, nationalities, occupations and intellectual pursuits spanning the arts, humanities and sciences, conscious of the profound social consequences and policy implications of knowledge, and united by a common aspiration to address the urgent challenges and emerging opportunities confronting humanity today. Our mission is to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue generative of original ideas and integrated perspectives that comprehend the root causes and effective remedies for our common problems, while furthering those currents of thought and social movement that affirm the value of human dignity and equitable development. The Academy dedicates itself to the pursuit of creative, catalytic ideas that can provide to present and future generations enlightened leadership in thought that leads to effective action

Current Council/Executive Board: names and position

Ivo Šlaus, President 
Garry Jacobs, CEO & Chair of the Board of Trustees
Nebojša Nešković Secretary General
Zbigniew Bochniarz, Treasurer

Other Trustees:

Saulo Jose Casali Bahia, José Joaquin Brunner, Ian Burton, Maria da Graça Carvalho, Chandana Chakrabarti, Emil Constantinescu, Momir Djurovic, Jüri Engelbrecht, Orio Giarini, Heitor Gurgulino de Souza, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, Morley Lipsett, Winston Nagan, Roberto Peccei, Herwig Schopper, Raoul Weiler, Alberto Zucconi, Robert Berg (ex-officio)

IAMP Contact: 
Garry Jacobs, CEO
Ivo Šlaus , President