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YPL 2013 Regional Meeting – Singapore

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The IAMP Young Physician Leaders(YPLs) program, held in conjunction with the regional World Health Summit in Singapore, brought together 10 outstanding physicians under 40 years of age from Asia.
For the first time, awardees from developing nations in Asia such as Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, were included.
The program was generously supported by the IAMP, National University Hospital – International, Temasek Foundation, Women’s Heart Health Clinic of the National University Heart Centre in Singapore, Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization (SEAMEO), and Tsao Foundation. 
The 4-day program included the following parts:
A full day workshop focused on discussing models for leadership, creation of a learning network among the YPLs to share their career experiences and challenges in their countries, problem solving and the development of an individual action plan for their own leadership development.
The workshop was co-chaired by Prof Looi Lai Meng and A/Prof Carolyn Lam. 
 A highlight of the workshop was a panel discussion, where distinguished panelists included Professors Eduardo M. Krieger and Looi Lai Meng from IAMP, Dr Mary-Ann Tsao (CEO, Tsao Foundation, Singapore) and Mr Vikram Nair (Member of Parliament, Sembawang Group Representation Constituency, People’s Action Party, Singapore).


A dedicated 1-hour session during the World Health Summit, where the YPLs presented their views on the major leadership challenges they faced in their respective countries, possible 

An taste of Singapore culinary delights at the Straits Kitchen, and a tour of Singpaore’s Gardens By The Bay.


Continued mentorship and growth will occur through the established YPL Alumni Network.


The success of the program was evident from the enthusiastic responses of the participants: 
“I just want to say that this YPL programme has made an amazing impact on my life and it has made me reflect upon myself in such a way that I never knew to be possible. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I also got the opportunity to meet 9 other amazing young individuals, so similar to myself, though from very different backgrounds.  From the moment we landed, until our departure, you arranged everything so that we felt like ‘true leaders’. It instilled in us a sense of confidence and a feeling of self worth.”
“Great logistics helped participants to focus on important tasks and activities.”
“The most valuable experience has been able to know fellow YPLs. Second is knowing Singapore. Not only a beautiful, organized country, but with people with golden heart and smiling face. The third is self discovery – an inspiration to make positive changes. There is little to suggest for further improvement. The Visitors’ Lodge was excellent, communication was superb and food was…loss for words.”
“Self-discovery – an inspiration to make positive changes.”
“The most enjoyable and eye-opening portion is to get to know the panelists and know of their experience in work and in life. I wish there is a longer session with the panel of experts.”
“Being with people who are very passionate with their work is very invigorating.”