YPL 2015 Day 3

Berlin, Germany

DAY 3: 11 October 2015

The 19 IAMP Young Physician Leaders (YPL) entered the final phase of their workshop today.

Three breakout groups carried on designing and refining what they wanted to present in the workshop scheduled for the next morning (12 October) within the World Health Summit itself.

With so much to say, so many of the YPL wanting to share their experiences and insights, and only 15 to 20 minutes, developing a targeted message was key. The three groups decided to focus on a diverse but integrated range of issues under three broad topics: ‘Boss to mentor to partner’, ‘Contributing to health system strengthening through partnership’, and ‘Training responsive physician leaders for tomorrow’.

The whole morning wasn’t spent on developing presentations, however, as the YPL were challenged to complete their own personal leadership plans, focusing (if possible) on a single leadership behaviour they would like to improve. Bearing in mind what they had learned during the previous workshop sessions, they then wrote down who they thought would actually notice the changed behaviour, what they might have to give up the effect the change, and also the strengths they bring to the change.

Not only will IAMP follow up with the YPL at regular intervals in the coming months and years to see how they are managing to follow up on their personal leadership plans, but the participating YPL were also paired with one another – usually those with shared interests (in public health, or in psychiatry, for example) becoming ‘buddies’. These YPL buddies will keep tabs on one-another, providing moral support and practical guidance from their bases in different countries and help keep the YPL alumni network alive and vibrant.

Through the afternoon, the YPL focused again on preparing for their WHS session, with each group presenting their ‘first-run’ rehearsals designed to hone timing and presentation as well as to get feedback from course director Jo Boufford and the YPL members in other breakout groups.

Tomorrow – the YPL presentations at the World Health Summit.